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Note: Though we our proud of our activities, we have been warned by lawyers and industry insiders about going public for fear of retaliation against us by these multi-billion dollar goliaths ("they will crush you figuratively and literally"). But if we just did what was safe rather than what was Right, it would be a sad world. where evil would reign; someone has to try to make a difference for the sake of their fellow man. Though we will try to keep our identities private, we will be more than happy to give that information to any reputable major media outlet if it can remain confidential, although under the right circumstances we would be willing to allow identifying information to be used if it would serve's mission. Media requests should be made to or to the telephone number on your press release.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke 1729-1797, British Political Writer & Statesman

ďA good manís heart is troubled by evil, while an evil heart is troubled by a good man JS

Mission Statement:  To assist the public in taking action against those who abuse the power afforded them through their position in business, government, or another entity. It does not matter whether the corruption of power is for financial gain, betterment of position, protection of job/status, cover-up of incompetence, or otherwise, because the unethical/corrupt abuse of such power against those with limited if any ability to fight back is unconscionable and evil. By banding together resources here, it is hoped that victims can find help, the corrupt will face justice, others may not have to suffer the same, and all of society will benefit.


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