Doyle Administration Corruption in WI
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Gov. Doyle to Wisconsin Realtors, endorse me or else!
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Doyle's Corrupt Administration Officials

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*      A Smelly Project Benefits UWM and Jim Doyle

*      Former DOA Secretary Met With Firm During $68 Million Contract Bid

*      Doyle re-election coffers flow with tribal money

*      Don't let the sun shine in

*      Timing of Doyle gift questioned

*      State pact allows 25% cut of sales

*      List of contract winners grows (At least 7 Doyle donors got work)

*      Software Execs Gave To Doyle & Oracle Received Big No-bid Deal

*      Marotta intervened in UWM project bidding process, lawsuit contends. [Official convicted in travel deal.]

*      Investigators seek info from group on Doyle donations


*      Timing of Doyle gift questioned

*      Donations come soon after contract

*      New questions raised about Doyle

*         Doyle rebuffs review questions [Campaign donations by Adelman Travel investigated]

*      Utilities gave Doyle cash as projects OK'd

*      Doyle Blind To His Own Ethics Issues

*      Insurers give Doyle $28,500 [Donations called 'quid pro quo politics' after merger]  

*      Doyle Blind To His Own Ethics Issues

*      Doyle's opinion on Indian gaming has shifted ---As attorney general, he backed ban on casinos

*      Meeting, UWM building project spark review - Prosecutors look at Doyle administration

*      In bid battle, players sought out Marotta

*      Funding web gets more tangled - Attorney general has ties to Doyle funder

*      Casino interests make bets on Doyle

*      Firm that won state grant hosted Doyle fundraiser, records show

*      Campaign Donor Probe Widening - Utility Executives' Donations To Doyle Under Scrutiny

*      Doyle Tight-lipped On Donation Probes - Scope May Go Beyond Travel, Nuke Contracts

*      Day's Cash For Doyle Stands Out

*      Psc Workers Interviewed In Probe - Investigators Look Into Controversial Sale Of Nuclear Power Plant

*      Money Issue Might Worsen For Doyle

*      Watchdog Investigating Controversial Fundraiser

*      A Whirlwind Of Allegations

*      Feds Get Records In Travel Case More Information Sought

*      Consulting Execs Give Doyle $45k - Donations Made After Firms Won State Contracts

*      Doyle Got Money After Meeting

*      Executive Says Politics Doomed Bid With State

*      Lost State Contract Unfairly, Executive Says (Passed Over Because We Didn't Have Political Connections To Governor, He Asserts.)

*      Campaign Gifts Are Questioned - 2 Firms Got Deals; Execs Gave To Doyle

*      State official gives up job - Firing dispute avoided in travel case

*      Inquiry into travel deal not done yet

*      Doyle's top aides asked to testify

*      Testimony links politics, contract

*      Doyle fund-raiser called legal but improper

*      Doyle fund-raiser under review

*      Travel deal involved firm early - Adelman suggested bid criteria, trial documents show

*      Behind travel contract scandal





"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke 1729-1797, British Political Writer & Statesman

“A good man’s heart is troubled by evil, while an evil heart is troubled by a good man. JS

Mission Statement:  To assist the public in taking action against those who abuse the power afforded them through their position in business, government, or another entity. It does not matter whether the corruption of power is for financial gain, betterment of position, protection of job/status, cover-up of incompetence, or otherwise, because the unethical/corrupt abuse of such power against those with limited if any ability to fight back is unconscionable and evil. By banding together resources here, it is hoped that victims can find help, the corrupt will face justice, others may not have to suffer the same, and all of society will benefit.



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