Corruption: [ kuh-ruhp-shuhn]: The perversion of integrity achieved through dishonesty, deceit, fraud, distortion, or another unethical/unlawful/evil means for the benefit of oneself or another person/group/cause. The reasons for such actions are typically to increase one's wealth or power, to cover-up incompetence, to keep one's job, and so on. Some will even delude themselves with the fallacy “The ends justify the means," which has been used by some to justify their evil actions throughout history.

Mission Statement: To assist the public in taking action against those who abuse the power afforded them through their position in business, government, or another entity. It does not matter whether the corruption of power is for financial gain, betterment of position, protection of job/status, cover-up of incompetence, or otherwise, because the unethical/corrupt abuse of such power against those with limited if any ability to fight back is unconscionable and evil. By banding together resources here, it is hoped that victims can find help, the corrupt will face justice, others may not have to suffer the same, and all of society will benefit.

   Here's the Latest Story that has Broken:  

 Corrupt Wisconsin Government Officials Assist Insurers In Wrongfully Denying Patients Life-Saving Treatment



  • Details of the Corruption at Wisconsin's DHFS & HIRSP Insurance

  • The Corrupt Collusion Between Wisconsin Government Officials & WPS

  • How Corrupt Insurers Wrongfully Deny Patients Medically Necessary Care

  • How Insurer's Make Sure "Independent Reviews" Go Their Way

  • Changes Needed in Wisconsin's Laws To Protect the Public

  • The Sophistry of Insurer's Statistics: What they aren't telling the public . . .

We are also developing the Fight-for-Right Consumer Advocacy Program, a corruption Wall-of-Shame, & much more . . . .


"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."  Edmund Burke 1729-1797, British Political Writer & Statesman

“A good man’s heart is troubled by evil, while an evil heart is troubled by a good man?/font> JS is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to exposing the unethical/corrupt actions of those in positions of power and helping the public in their honorable and just fight for what Right. All of our original articles are thoroughly vetted prior to publication so that you can be assured that what you are reading is not only the Truth but we have the facts and evidence to prove it.

Privacy Policy:  All victim/insider communications will have any identifying information removed prior to publication unless otherwise authorized by that person.

?  2006

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